10 Signs His Ex Wife Wants Him Back

Signs his ex-wife wants him back. and how you can protect your partner from future trouble.

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1 Here Are The Top 10 Signs His Ex Wife Wants Him Back
1.11 Points To Remember:

Imagine romantic night you are lying down with your partner on the couch after finishing a beautiful dinner at the restaurant. 

watching a movie relaxing talking with your partner and suddenly a phone call rings and you find out it is from your partner’s ex-wife. 

The situation could be tricky Multiple thoughts could come to your mind but most of them could come from your insecurities which is not wrong at all. 

if we see this situation as a normal human being prospective insecurities and getting worried is the most common condition in the human being. 

what you may think will not always become true it could be your imagination. 

but there are strong chances that it could be a sign of danger which you should be aware of before it becomes worse.

Here Are The Top 10 Signs His Ex Wife Wants Him Back

1. She pops up from no-wear:

She pops up from no were
She pops up from nowhere

The most important thing to focus on here is she popped up suddenly which means that for several years or months, she didn’t call him or text him. 

but suddenly she started calling him or messaging him saying words like she missed him a lot and wanted to just talk with him, and wanted to hear his voice. 

well, this could be seen as a simple thing but in reality, this could be a worse situation. what we say a silence before the storm. 

generally, this is the first warning sign of the huge mess that will occur. 

2. She suddenly starts missing him

She suddenly start missing him
She suddenly starts missing him

Missing someone after a long time even your ex-husband or wife is a normal thing. by nature, a human being is an emotional animal we can not forget someone easily. 

The memories of that person are always present in our unconscious. and on specific occasions, it pops up. 

but sometimes we have to make hard decisions and have become tough leaving the past behind and living in the present movement is the only option we have. 

if your partner’s ex suddenly starts missing him then there is are strong possibility she didn’t forget him fully. 

simple call or simple meet could be a sign she will try to do this again making fake promises that it’s going to be the last. 

All this things are not coming from nothing she has a hidden motives and this is a signs his ex wife- wants him back.

3. Drunk emotional call

Drunk Emotional Call
Drunk Emotional Call

After getting drunk people get emotional. our feelings, deep desires, and memories just popped up to the conscious level and we start messing things up. 

almost 60% of the decisions that you make after getting drunk are based on emotion. emotional decision-making not only harms yourself but also can cause damage to others. 

getting a call from his ex-wife after she got drunk she could be very emotional at that time and could be going to say different things on the emotional level. 

like memories of the time they spent and how amazing their relationship was forgetting about the reality and the truth that they are not together anymore and moving on. 

taking such kind of drunk emotional call not very much seriously is the only solution for this. 

4. Posting love memories on social media:

Posting Love Memories
Posting Love Memories

When people miss someone either they call or just send a message to whom they miss. this is a common method to tell someone that they are missing them. 

but when we unable to do both of these due to certain reasons then there are several methods people usually try among them posting photos on social media like Facebook and Instagram is one. 

posting photos about the time they have spent together romantic couple pics with captions with text missing old days like that can harm your relationship. 

It also starts the conversation around your friends circle and family which can be difficult to handle later. 

handling this situation wisely and stopping this with the help of your partner.

telling his ex-wife in a polite manner that thinks she is doing is not ok she has to leave this thing behind in the past and have to move on in her life as well the words you can say.

5. In the sickness she wants him:

In the sickness she wants him
In the sickness she wants him

The sickness trap is the biggest trap to make someone emotional. 

we generally don’t say direct things when someone is sick. 

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This is the interesting part here it increases the chances of getting promises from your partner through her ex. 

putting a reason that she is sick and she has no one to reach she can even show different desires and interests which can damage your relationship. 

setting some boundaries and arranging someone from her contact with for her help and less involvement of your partner with his ex-wife is always recommended. 

Maybe it seems cold and mean but it is mandatory to avoid any future trouble.

6. Needed an urgent help:

Urgent Help
Urgent Help

Needed urgent help is another method ex-partner tries to get the attention of their ex. same as sickness showing an urgent text with needs urgent help we cannot ignore generally. 

no matter who the person is we give it our priority leaving our all work beside us. 

your partner’s ex might need urgent help so ignoring it directly might not be a good option.

but finding out the severity of her trouble and helping her by arranging for someone to help her. 

if things are not very serious and your partner can do it. avoiding any interaction and dwelling in the past is our main motive here. 

sometimes not getting emotional and leaving the past behind is the best thing you can do to live a pleasant and peaceful life. 

7. Talking about the past and recalling beautiful memories:

Talking About The Past And Memories
Talking About The Past And Memories

Another strong sign his ex-wife wants him back is constantly calling and reaching him and talking about the beautiful days they spent together, their wedding, and how they mate the love between them. 

if you heard any of these words from your partner’s ex-wife’s mouth then this is a direct indication and signs his ex-wife wants him back.

not entertaining such a situation further giving a straightforward answer that things have changed now letting her realize the reasons for which they got separated. 

recalling the memories there is no use she has to move on and have to live her life and think about the future the words you can use.

8. Posting hot intimate photos to make him jealous:

Hot Intimate Photos
Hot Intimate Photos

Other cheap attention-seeking women generally use jealousy of their ex is posting hot and intimate photos in short dresses with wild hairstyles and lipstick. 

this time you can not say anything to your partner’s ex-wife because she is not doing anything directly. 

whatever she is doing is her private thing we cannot say anything about it but this time keep an eye on your partner. 

just messing with him as a fun talking about his ex-partner’s photos and making sure he does not fall into this beauty trap you can do.

9. Accepting the mistake and wanting to be forgiven:

Wanted To Be Forgiven
Wanted To Be Forgiven

When things your partner’s ex-wife tries and nothing seems to be worked out the final option she leaves with is accepting all the mistakes. 

that she did in the past and wants to be forgiven for her mistakes which is an indirect indication that she wants to get together again. and this is the biggest sign his ex-wife wants him back.

mutual conversation with your partner about this and what he wants really. 

talking about all the possibilities and the situation which going to occur supporting him in this situation 

without any argument or blaming and making a decision wisely is the correct approach to handle this situation.

10. Asking for the last chance and making promises.

Asking For The Last Chance
Asking For The Last Chance

if your partner’s ex-wife asks for the last chance and makes a promise that she will make things right and not repeat past mistakes. 

well, this can’t be a sign this is a direct thing that she has said that she wants to get back. 

there is nothing you can do here but support you can if they have had a long relationship and recently got separated. 

your partner may reconsider and have thought about moving on with his ex-wife and giving him a last try. 

this thing might be painful to you but appreciating his decision and giving him space is the right decision you will take.

Points To Remember:

1. A sudden call from the ex-wife could be a simple call just for anything. but it could be a hidden intuition of her having a thought of having her husband back.
2. Illness, urgent help, and drunken calls could be a sign with hidden motives to have her husband back.
3. Supporting your partner and making him realize how women’s minds work possibly the hidden intuition of his ex-wife thing you can do.
4. Respecting their relationship and not forcing anything trying to solve the situation practical way and taking further steps is the best move.
5. Wanted to forgiven constant efforts to being in touch are the important signs his ex-wife wants him back. 
6. Appreciating the decision of your husband if the things go other way taking a step back without creating any drama is the last thing you have to remember.


Que1. Why did my ex-wife come back?
Well, there are so many possible reasons, she might still miss you, wants to work on the reason for which you got separated, thinking about the future of the child feeling lonely, and can not think about the relationship with anyone.
Que2. Do men miss their ex-wife?
Yes of course they miss them, the emotional attachment, the time they spent together, memories simply can’t fade away.
Que3.How do I protect myself from my husband’s ex-wife?
Stay away from her, avoid any conversation with her, and do not take things seriously If she says mean words things you can try to protect yourself from the husband’s ex-wife.

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