Dating a Guy With Performance Anxiety

Dating a guy with performance Anxiety means bad sexual life. Sex is the most enjoyable and pleasurable task in anyone’s life but what if the same task give you a nightmare and you starts running away from it the same thing happened with the person having performance anxiety.

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1 Following are some important things you might consider white dating a guy with performance anxiety.

performance anxiety simply defines as having trouble doing any particular task before doing it and it could be anything such as doing something in front of anyone such as playing sports, acting, dance, the instant fear triggers in the mind creates panic situation raising the question that what if I ware unable to perform this task properly leaving the feeling of guilt and shame.

while doing sex same thing happened and the person gets threatened by these thoughts in such a way that in actual time it affects his performance. there are also other reasons which might be affecting during sexual performance such as PE- premature ejaculation, ED- erectile dysfunction, low libido etc.

Dating a Guy With Performance Anxiety
Dating a Guy With Performance Anxiety

Following are some important things you might consider white dating a guy with performance anxiety.

1. Empathy and Support

Empathy and Support
Empathy and Support

when you got the idea that your partner is facing performance anxiety the first thing you can do is show empathy to him.

if someday is facing performance anxiety then it doesn’t mean that it is a lifelong situation and he will never going to satisfy you in bed ever.

performance anxiety is a temporary issue that can easily be cured by proper therapy and treatment but the first thing you have to keep in mind while doing this is supporting your partner in this stage making him realize that it is not a big concern and everything will be ok.

“we will figure out the solution together, and with some experience and practice you can perform very well in bed” Using such words while sympathizing with him can calm him down well for a while.

2. Open Communication

Open communication
Open communication

you must have heard that communication is the key to any problem and it leads to the solution without proper communication any kind of relationship can not sustain for longer.

when your partner is unable the perform well on the bed it is time for having proper communication with him.

performance anxiety is nothing but a fear of the mind and if a person gets relaxed it can be cured easily and for that open communication with your partner can play a significant role.

most of the time we took the concept of communication lightly and start making prejudice and our determination without analyzing the actual situation which most of the time was not much complicated as we think.

simple talk and communication can solve most of the problems in any relation and the same thing applies here as well.

3. Avoid Pressure

Avoid Pressure
Avoid Pressure

when a guy suffers from performance anxiety putting pressure on him can make the situation even worse. the pressure of performing well in bed and satisfying his partner is the thing that constantly runs through his mind, and because of that problem happens.

and if you again put pressure on him by saying words like “do something about it” then it will surely not going to lead you to any solution the pressure cycle will get repeated and the situation will get worse.

instead of this giving him his time and no rush to do anything taking things slowly by doing simple activities like foreplay and kissing and cuddling at the beginning and giving him proper time to relax will surely help after some time.

4. Explore Alternatives

instead of getting worried about the problem until the problem gets resolved, you can enjoy your intimate life by doing other alternate activities besides sex.

such as playing with intimate parts, handjobs, and fingering the guy can easily satisfy the woman. doing this will also help him to get an idea that which things work to satisfy the women the knowledge about the g spot and the intimate area of the woman.

there are several devices and toys available in the market couple can use that as well until get comfortable for real sex.

5. Seek Professional Help

Seeking Professional Help
Psychologist Sex Therapist

instead of experimenting on your own seeking professional help from the sex therapist and the psychiatrist is always a better option.

I know especially men feel shameful if they are unable to perform sex properly and they couldn’t even talk about it to anyone.

but talking with an expert person is completely different the sex therapist and the psychiatrist sees several clients daily facing the same issue, and because they have a proper knowledge of it these things are completely normal for them.

with their expertise and knowledge and the combination of therapy and proper medicinal treatment, the problem could be resolved within a week, and ist it is great.

6. Patience and Understanding

Be Patient
Be Patient

Patience is the primary key while solving any problem without patience you will get stressed and there are more chances of doing mistakes.

when your partner started therapy with the sex therapist and the medication it is time to put your trust in him and keep your patience alive.

performance anxiety is not the biggest issue but it takes time to cure.

several other activities like going outside, watching movies together, hugging and cuddling all these things together surely bring a miracle and will help your guy to come out from the performance anxiety.

7. Educate Yourself

educate yourself
educate yourself

Most of the time we didn’t educate ourselves properly and started doing random things on our own.

some of the things we heard from someone and some of the things we don’t even know there is no logic in it it just randomly pops up thoughts from the mind and we start doing it which is a completely wrong approach.

educating yourself about the issue you war facing can reduce the chances of probable mistakes and fasten up the process of recovery.

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1. Performance anxiety is not the biggest concern in the relationship it can be cured easily with proper guidance and therapy.

2. Empathy and supporting your partner will calm him down and boost his confidence which can be very much helpful while treatment.

3. performance anxiety is not a big issue but it takes time to cure in this time keeping patience alive and a positive attitude towards your partner will be beneficial for both of you.

4. Use alternative approaches like touching the genitals and hand – job activities you can enjoy as an alternative to sex.

5. Taking professional help from a sex therapist and a psychologist will surely help you while solving the problem of performance anxiety of the guy which you war dating.


Que1 : How do you help a guy with performance anxiety?
With gentle massage and some relaxation will slow down breathing and eventually help him to reduce the anxiety and perform well while sex.
Que 2: Does Viagra work for performance anxiety?
Viagra is temporary solution for performance anxiety, relaxation technique, sex education, exercise, and medication will give long lasting result compared to Viagra alone.
Que3: How do guys feel when they can’t get it up?
They feel so Embraced and humiliated it put huge impact on there self esteem because it is the matter of being a man and manhood by there point of view

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