How To Change Wife’s Mind About Divorce

How to change your wife’s mind about divorce this question comes to your mind when your wife suddenly starts asking you about the divorce and you are not ready for it.

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1 Here Are The Top 8 Proven Strategies You Can Apply To Change Wife’s Mind About Divorce

Marriage is a rewarding ritual in everyone’s life but all marriages don’t end well some of them last long only for a couple of years and end up with a divorce.

long-lasting marriage and dying in old age together is everyone’s dream nobody wants a divorce and getting separated is and painful situation for both of the parties.

Here Are The Top 8 Proven Strategies You Can Apply To Change Wife’s Mind About Divorce

1. Effective Communication

 Effective communication
Effective communication

Everyone has heard several times that effective communication is the key to any type of relationship problem. 

most of the problems can be resolved just with effective communication. communication gaps lead to several misunderstanding and preconception which later on eventually creates huge problems in the relationship. 

if your wife suddenly starts talking about the divorce then this can be the result of several misunderstandings over several years 

at such time proper communication with your wife and finding out what she has in her mind and the reasons for the divorce is the first beginning step you take to change wife’s mind about the divorce.

2. Show Empathy and Understanding

Showing Empathy and understanding
Showing Empathy and understanding

When your wife starts asking you for the divorce getting angry frustrated or getting confused is the most common response you will have at this time getting angry with your wife will make the situation even worse. 

the best thing you can do in this sensitive situation is show empathy and understanding towards your wife. 

it will not only calm down the problem but also it will help you to plan further strategy. 

showing empathy to the wife will going to give her a thought of reconsidering her decision of the divorce which can eventually possible to change her mind as well.

3. Rekindle the Romance


Sometimes with our busy schedules, responsibility, and with lot of work, we forget about the romance between husband and wife which eventually letter on leads toward the board and dull boring marriage life. 

for keeping the Sparke alive between husband and wife for a healthy happy relationship constant efforts and trying different things are mandatory. 

Dating, a Small Picnic, an Outing for Dinner, a Simple Long Drive, an Evening walk after dinner cooking for your wife, and giving her a day off from the kitchen can bring the miracle. 

sometimes we think romance is only about sex but it’s not true staying together and giving each other time to do fun activities will also give you the same pleasure as sex. 

asking your wife for some time to reevaluate the situation and doing this thing in that period will surely help you to change the thought of your wife towards divorce.

4. Address Unresolved Issues

We often heard a constant complaint from the wife that their husband never listened to her. 

the biggest misconception about women is they are so complicated to understand but it’s not true. 

women are very much talkative by nature they express each and everything which men generally neglect as meaningless talk.

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by this attitude lot of issues get generated in the marriage. 

finding out those issues with proper communication with your wife and solving them can resolve the damages which you have done in the past 

and it increases the chances and the possibilities of changing your wife’s mind about divorce.

5. Focus on Positivity and Gratitude

Most of the time because of a busy schedule and chasing life goals we forget about the things we already have showing gratitude towards those things, especially to loved ones like your wife and kids makes life worthwhile. 

showing appreciation towards small things the things you like about your wife small memories can create a healthy and positive environment which can reduce the stress between both of you. 

lightness in the mood and positivity in the family will surely will benefits you in your goal of changing your wife’s mind about the divorcee.   

6. Give Each Other Space

After trying every possible thing you could and the listed things above it is time to give her some space to breath and think about the situation without pressuring her for anything and hoping for the good. 

sometimes lit of pressure and forcing yourself to change your wife’s mind by trying different things can cause more damage. 

Maybe she just needs the time to think about the situation a peaceful solo space to think. 

off course there is a risk here things can go in another direction if you give her space but this is the last option you can do after trying everything you could. 

this space will also be beneficial for you to figure out the situation from a different angle.

7. Seek Professional Counseling

Seeking Professional Counseling
Seeking Professional Counseling

Instead of dwelling here and there and trying different things as your own seeking professional help from the marriage counselor is always a good option. 

some times we try very much hard to sort things out on our own but leaving those things for the professional one and seeking help from the expert not only saves time 

but it increases the chances of better outcomes which is the most important thing when solving any problem.

8. Be Patient and Persistent

Be Patience
Be Patience

After trying several different things losing motivation and giving up thoughts and feelings of losing a battle is pretty much common. 

at this time having some solo space getting the support of family and friends getting in touch with your marriage counselor will surely help you to get some energy. 

being patient and persistent about your goal of changing your wife’s mind about the divorce is the thing which has to do up to the last so, 

in the end, no matter what results have come the feeling of regret and the thought of should have tried my best will not come in your mind.

Points To Remember

1. Remember communication is the key while solving any relationship issue communication gaps can create so many misunderstandings. effective communication with your wife is the first step you have to take when she is asking you for divorce.
2. Not getting angry and showing some empathy towards the situation she is being gone through can lead to a positive environment which can be beneficial for you for the further steps.
3. Rekindle the romance with several activities such as dating, camping, going out for movies, long walks holding hands taking some time from work, and spending some time with your wife in this sensitive situation will surely help you to change her mind.
4. Solving unresolved issues is the most important thing before trying any new things.
5. Non-giving up attitude and keeping your calm and patience alive up to the last are essential in this difficult situation.
6. Taking professional help from the marriage counselor and the therapist will save your time and energy and it also increases the chances of getting success in changing your wife’s mind about the divorce.


Que1. Can a spouse change their mind about divorce?
after the separation between 1 to 2 weeks, there are chances that they will change their mind and seek for better resolution
Que2. How do I convince my wife to stay?
You can not force your wife if she doesn’t want to. the only thing you can do is figure out the issues and give her surety with the promise that you will be going to change and going to put more effort into the marriage.
Que3. Can I get my wife back after the divorce?
It is possible but there is no surety if the issue is not much big and if she is willing to give you another chance then there are chances that you will get your wife back after divorce.
Que4. What not to do when your wife wants a divorce?
First of all don’t yell, blame, shout, or broke things keeping your calm and maintaining patience alive peacefully taking things is the best thing you can do.
Que5. How long should I give my wife space?
1,2 day to 2 to 4 weeks but not more than that period will increase the chances of permanent separation and divorce.

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