Why Do People Make Fun Of Me: 6 Possible Reasons

Why do people make fun of me? a question arrives in our mind when we go throw such kinds of situations as teasing, joking us, or negative comments. 

making fun of each other is not a bad thing at all but when it goes to the  extream end then it will be a problematic situation. 

there are several factors such as personality style, inheritance, and surroundings that play a vital role in it. 

some people handle joke and make fun of themselves very lightly while some people can’t handle such kind situation very well and suffers from anxiety and depression. 

following are some of the possible reasons behind the question of why people make fun of me.

Why Do People Make Fun Of Me? Top 6 Possible Reasons

1. Insecurity:


Sometimes insecurity is the most common reason people make fun of other people and we can not do anything about it it is just a common behavior of the people. 

making fun of the people who are successful or possess more money makes people jealous so just for temporary satisfaction and to boost their self-esteem they make fun of other people. 

if someone is making fun of you and if you are not doing any different thing then a possible reason behind this behaviour about the people towards you is jealousy and insecurity. 

you must have something which they don’t. at such times not taking things personally and walking away from the people will get your job done.

2. Lack of Empathy:

Lack of empathy
Lack of empathy

Some people because of their genetics, environment, and because of their family background feels less or no empathy towards other people. 

at some time making fun of other people teasing, joking, targeting talking rudely or in a mean way is pretty much common No matter how you try to convince them they will not understand any single word you talking. 

lacking empathy means a loss of sensitivity toward the other’s situation and there is nothing you can do about such people 

The only smart option you have left is to ignore such kinds of people and avoid conversation with them this will not only save you from the teasing and the joke but also will give you mental peace from the toxicity of the people.

3. Peer Pressure:

peer pressure
peer pressure

In teenagers generally in school and colleges making fun of someone is considered a cool thing. the groups who make fun of someone are considered as a cool dominant group which indirectly creates an impression on the other students. 

Their targeted victims to make fun of are generally shy and weak students. so if you have a physic of thin or obese body it increases the chances of getting targeted by such dominant students. 

It is also seen that not all the students like making fun of someone but because of peer pressure and to support their group and their other friends they do such kind of stuff. 

where there is no direct solution for this problem there are some techniques you can surely use to avoid getting targeted such as getting the company of a strong intelligent student who dominates others. 

it will surely save you from a lot of trouble and also will be going to reduce the chances of getting targeted.

4. Misunderstanding:


People with low self-esteem and social anxiety misunderstand other people very often. 

because of their shyness and the lack of social exposure, they take things personally. 

putting logic on everything which doesn’t mean anything in the first place sometimes the major reason for getting threatened and hurt. 

we live in a busy society where everyone is busy with their own life. 

everyone has their problem with such a busy schedule finding time to talk about someone or make fun of someone is quite difficult. 

so finding out the gap between your imagination and your insecurities with reality is a must. 

if you are suffering from shyness and low self-esteem issues. it is tough to figure out the difference between imaginary self-made thoughts and reality. 

at such times consultation with a therapist and a psychologist will surely help you not only with your shyness and low self-esteem but also help you to find out why people make fun of you.

5. Jealousy:


Getting jealous of someone for different reasons such as money, fame, status, popularity, and intelligence is very common in society. 

when we can not match the status of someone then making fun of that person gives people temporary satisfaction and joy.

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It’s the most common psychological behavior we can observe in society. finding out that situation and taking it not too seriously can solve the issue. 

in this situation, it is an appreciable thing that you are a successful person and possess the abilities that people get jealous so instead of feeling threatened by their fun or the joke just smile and cheer up.

6. Difference or Uniqueness:

Being Different
Being Different

We everyone know that we all are different people. nobody is the same as others From color to body type education to caste and religion we are different in every manner. 

but it has been seen that certain people are more different from others you can easily figure out such people in the crowd. 

and making fun of such kinds of different people is pretty much common. 

for example, a guy with a weird hairstyle or clothing, being too fatty or too thin, the color of the skin, different clothing or excessive make-up 

being very simple among the people where everyone wears proper outfit and dressing so in simple words being different in any situation can easily attract the fun makers to you. 

so does it mean that we can’t be different from others or have to stop doing extraordinary stuff and should have to follow society’s trend and have to do only those thing that people around us is doing The answer is No. 

you should always have to do those things that you like and which you are comfortable with but maintain society’s norms and avoid too much extremeness.

still, if you want to do extremely unique then ignorance of the negative comments is the only thing you can do.

Points To Remember:

1. Making fun of each other is the most common behavior among humans not taking things personally and taking things lightly is important.

2. If you are always a common target of a fun maker at this point, introspection and finding out the possible reason is what you have to do.

3. Being jealous, being different, peer pressure, and insecurity are the most common reasons behind people making fun of you.

4. Sometimes you hold the possession that people desire and because of the jealousy they make fun of you and take such fun as a sign of your success and things you have instead of fun and threat

5. You can not stop people from making fun of you Instead of this not taking things personally walking away with a smile and ignorance is the best way to keep your mental peace alive.

6. If you are still confused and couldn’t figure out the possible reason and the solution behind this issue then psychological consultation with a psychologist will surely help you to find out the possible reason and the solution behind this issue of why people make fun of you.

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