Signs My Wife Is Not Sexually Attracted To Me Top 10 Signals Not To Ignore

Signs my wife is not sexually attracted to me.

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1 Signs My Wife Is Not Sexually Attracted To Me: Top 10 Signs You Can Not Ignore.

This question arrives in our mind when we observe changes in our wife’s behavior which is not there before. 

Rejection of sex is quite common especially if your wife is a working professional. 

managing home tasks and their job work is an entirely difficult thing. 

At such times due to lots of stress losing interest in sex is not the biggest concern.

not just stress there are also different factors such as hormonal imbalance, physical health, and mental health which play a vital part in sex life. 

but there are surely certain signs that you can not ignore. 

Things could get very serious and cause severe relationship damage if you cannot identify these signs at the right time. 

Signs My Wife Is Not Sexually Attracted To Me: Top 10 Signs You Can Not Ignore.

1. Showing no intimacy:

Showing no intimacy
Showing no intimacy

Intimacy between a couple and husband and wife represents a healthy and long happy relationship. 

without intimacy, no relationship can be sustained for a more extended period. 

If your wife shows no intimacy towards you or it is decreasing day by day due to some reason then it can be a significant sign my wife is not sexually attracted to me. 

As we discussed earlier, work stress and hormonal imbalance could be the reason. but some chances might be affected as well. 

proper communication with your wife to find out the reason that’s what’s going on in her head the thing you can do. 

it will surely give you some sort of idea of what’s wrong going on in your married life.

2. Avoiding Physical Contact

Avoiding physical contact
Avoiding physical contact

when your wife starts avoiding physical contact with you. now when I say physical contact it does not only mean sex. 

there are many other ways to make physical contact such as a simple hug, kiss on the chick or the forehead, taping on the back or the shoulder, and holding hands. 

your wife loses the sexual attraction towards you losing physical contact as I mentioned earlier could be the biggest early sign she will show. 

if you observe any of such indications in your wife then your words My wife is not sexually attracted to me could be true.

3. Lack of Initiating Sex:

Lack of initiating sex
Lack of initiating sex

No matter how tired you are or how busy in life in married life for sex couples usually find out the time. 

like day-to-day activities sex is also a regular need of the human being Surviving without that is quite tricky especially if you have experienced it and are still young and married. 

if your wife stops initiating sex to you suddenly then surely it could be a sign she lost the sexual attraction towards you.

4. Limited Compliments:

Limited compliments
Limited compliments

when we are attracted to someone, we usually compliment that person for the small thing. 

the words like How handsome you are looking today, I like your shirt it suits you a lot, about the hairstyle or the beard it could be anything. 

but when a person starts losing attraction towards someone, no matter how good you look or dress, that person can not find any good thing in you and eventually stops complimenting as well. 

if your wife stops complimenting you even on special occasions which she usually does before and ignores you like nothing is new to see in you. 

then it could be a sign that your wife started losing attraction toward you.

5. Minimal Flirting:

Minimal Flirting
Minimal Flirting

Flirting even between husband and wife represents the healthy signs of a relationship. 

when we are into someone and like that person deep within, flirting with that person or intimate talk is the natural response that comes from us. 

pretending flirting is quite difficult unless you have any special intentions for that person. 

if you see minimal flirting from your wife or no response or an irritating or flat dull response from her with no excitement 

then it could be a sign my wife is not sexually attracted to me.

6. Emotional Distance:

Emotional Distance
Emotional Distance

The emotional attachment between husband and wife represents the closeness and the bonding between them. 

caring of the husband for the small things. showing sympathy and appreciation for little things. 

getting approval just to show you respect your husband. 

sharing problems and day-to-day small things are some signs of a wife who is emotionally close and attached to their husband. 

if you find missing all this behavior in your wife then it represents the emotional distance and detachment. 

which might be a sign my wife is not sexually attracted to me. 

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7. Spending Less Time Together:

Spending less time together
Spending less time together

Spending time together after work such as while having a coffee sharing day-to-day activities, in the kitchen making dinner together, getting ready helping each other, shopping a groceries, or simply watching TV together. 

when we love someone we also love to spend time with them and if you observe your wife is getting distant from you and avoiding spending time together 

instead of you choosing her kids and friends to spend time with my friend it is a strong sign your wife is not sexually attracted to you.

8. Change in Communication

Change in communication
Change in communication

Changes in communication happen when the person loses attraction towards another person, 

straight limited talk with no teasing, or romance, no response for flirting or the joke, gets annoyed or irritated easily 

when you try to extend the conversation, avoid any conversation at all, and being busy in your life 

if you any of these signs in your wife then it can be a sign your wife has lost her attraction to you and is not sexually attracted to you anymore.

9. Excessive Criticism

Excessive Criticism
Excessive Criticism

A little bit of criticism even with the intention of fun is normal in any relationship. 

but if you feel like your wife criticizes you a lot for various things like your clothing, personality, body type, behavior, job, and education 

which she didn’t before then there are strong possibility she has lost attraction towards you 

and showing dislike towards you indirectly with criticism and negative comments this could be the worst case and the last stage of your relationship 

and at this time no communication or mutual talk can save you from accepting the reality saving your self-esteem and moving away from such kind of partner is always a better choice.

10. Seeking Attention Elsewhere:

seeking attention elsewhere
seeking attention elsewhere

one of the biggest signs that you can not ignore in your wife is seeking attention from elsewhere. 

if your wife starts seeking attention from elsewhere like from your friends or colleagues and paying more attention to their advice and recommendations 

seeking approval for the dress she was wearing or the new hairstyle from others rather than you then my friend it simply means she lost all the interest in you. 

she doesn’t care how you feel about her this is a dangerous sign that confirms your doubt my wife is not sexually attracted to me. 

and if proper steps are not taken at the right time it can lead to the end of the relationship.


1. Diminished intimacy and physical contact, along with a lack of initiating sex, can be early indicators of potential issues with sexual attraction in a relationship.
2. Decreased compliments and minimal flirting may suggest a declining level of emotional connection and attraction between partners.
3. Emotional distance and spending less time together can further signal a growing gap in the relationship’s intimacy and emotional attachment.
4. Changes in communication, increased criticism, and seeking attention elsewhere are more advanced signs that the spouse may have lost interest and attraction, potentially indicating the need for serious discussions or professional help.
5. Recognizing these signs and addressing them through open communication and possibly seeking counseling is crucial to resolving issues of attraction and intimacy in a marriage before they lead to a relationship’s deterioration.


Que.1 Why is my wife not interested in me sexually?

Common causes for a loss of sexual desire and drive in women include Interpersonal relationship issues. 
Partner performance problems, lack of emotional satisfaction with the relationship,
the birth of a child, and becoming a caregiver for a loved one can decrease sexual desire. Sociocultural influences.

Que.2 How can I attract my wife physically?

1. Take your wife to the lingerie store to pick out an outfit.
2. Buy sexual items or toys to use together.
3. Talk about fantasies and kinks with each other.
4. Take a sex quiz online.
5. Open the dialogue about sexual positions or activities you’ve wanted to try.

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